Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 26, 2006

The Prophetic Church | 03

God intends that every Spirit-filled Christian prophesy (1 Cor.14:31, Num.11:29) and this truth has massive implications for church life. At every gathering of God’s people, prophetic gifting should be evident and is one of the foundations for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

In yesterday’s post, I highlighted that the prophet Habakkuk deliberately positioned himself as a watchman ready to hear – he deliberately anticipated and prepared for God to speak to him. The challenge to us is to be similarly expectant and ready to hear the word of the Lord. However, I was also struck by the opening words of God’s response:

Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it” (Hab.2:1-2)

Being prophetic is not merely being ready and it is not only about hearing God speak, although both these are essential. Being prophetic is to receive revelation and ‘make it plain’ – to communicate God’s will in a way that is clear, direct and can be understood by his people.

It is perhaps tempting to treat prophecy as something slightly mysterious and it is all too easy for prophecy to remain vague or ‘fluffy’. Yet I believe the church is called to experience the ‘clear call’ (1 Cor.14:8) of God’s voice, to move in prophetic gifting that is sharp and distinct.

For anyone that would prophesy – hear God’s voice and then communicate it with clarity.

Prophecy is spiritual interpretation. It is the interpretation of everything from a spiritual standpoint; the bringing of the spiritual implications of things, past, present and future, before the people of God, and giving them to understand the significance of things in their spiritual value and meaning. That was and is the essence of prophetic ministry.

T Austin Sparkes



  1. Hugh, I believe that ‘writing the revelation down and making it plain’ is a key element of the prophetic church communicating and being all that God intended it to be. When I was set into Eldership, I recived a prophetic word from David Ellis from Cardiff about writing, and how that would communicate aspects of the Kingdom of God to the Church and to the World. I believe my blog is one initial fulfilment of that. In our day we have a great opportunity to be a clear, distinct and loud trumpet call in the hands of God to our generation, both in our prophesying with our mouths and lives, and also through our fingers and pens! – Excellent Post

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