Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 23, 2006

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

One of my fellow bloggers reminded me last week of an excellent short biography of Martin Lloyd-Jones that is available from John Piper’s website. The link to the specific article is here.

When I re-read this article, I was again puzzled by a man who I had previously assumed was against much of the charismatic movement. This article includes several quotations which were very provoking:

We are not only confronted by materialism, worldliness, indifference, hardness, and callousness—but we are also hearing more and more … about certain manifestations of the powers of evil and the reality of evil spirits. This is why I believe we are in urgent need some manifestation, some demonstration, of the power of the Holy Spirit

What is needed is some mighty demonstration of the power of God, some enactment of the Almighty, that will compel people to pay attention, and to look, and to listen. That is why I am calling attention to revival. That is why I am urging you to pray for this. When God acts, he can do more in a minute that man with his organizing can do in fifty years

It is perfectly clear that in New Testament times, the gospel was authenticated in this way by signs, wonders and miracles of various characters and descriptions … Was it only meant to be true of the early church? … The Scriptures never anywhere say that these things were only temporary—never! There is no such statement anywhere

With such strong convictions about the moving of the Holy Spirit, I think John Piper is right to draw attention to the perceived ‘gap’ between his writings and his practice, particularly during his time at Westminster Chapel. However, when I read the article I found myself challenged with a similar question – does my practice match my convictions about the work of the Holy Spirit today?

I’d like to think so, but I am aware that it is all too easy to rely on a style of ministry that is safe rather than continually seek for the manifestation or demonstration of the power of God. But we cannot and must not shrink back from anything less.



  1. Thanks for the challenging post, Hugh. Such an important question to ask ourselves. We will not make a difference just by having a correct doctrine of the Spirit (though that helps!) but only by having lives that are full of him and that remain in step with where he is going.

  2. Excellent Hugh, we have to live in step with the Holy Spirit, in our teaching, actions and words – our lives have to carry the power and demonstration of the Kingdom of God aswell as the words and doctrine – Jesus was a prophet, powerful in word and deed (Luke 24:19)

  3. Signs and wonders are a vital aspect of the church’s mission. It is not enough for us to teach on the gifts, we must also earnestly desire them.(1 Corinthians 14:1). I personally yearn for the miraculous signs and wonders. However, we must not forget to emphasize the most spectacular miracle of regeneration.

  4. Martin Lloyd Jones was, by all accounts, baptised in the Spirit and spoke in tongues.

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