Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 20, 2006

My top 5 books from 2005 (part 4)

Each of the previous titles I have recommended have come from Christian authors and publishers but this week I want to highlight a more unusual title that I stumbled across while browsing a London bookshop.

Fierce Conversations.jpgFierce Conversations by Susan Scott is a book about talking and one-to-one communication. She argues that most people usually don’t fully engage with the person they are talking to and don’t really make every conversation count.
However, the book presents some useful ideas and suggestions for helping anyone develop their communication skills. There are also some good tools to help you deal with those thorny conversations that need to be had but are more difficult to handle effectively.

I have always admired people who create powerful ‘moments’ in conversation, those lifechanging words that make a real difference to others’ lives. Of course, not every chat has the same significance but particularly if you are in Christian leadership, you will need to make conversation count. Some of the author’s suggestions can be helpful as we seek to share God’s word with those we talk with.


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