Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 18, 2006

Favourite book – over to you!

A recent trend is to ‘tag’ one of your blogging friends with a request that they write a short post along a chosen theme or subject. Sometimes people are asked to respond to a selection of questions, write a brief profile of themselves or list some favourite films or music.

I’ve already started posting some of my favorites from 2005. But since I am always on the lookout for great new titles, I suggest we take books as a theme.

My question is:

Other than the Bible, which book has recently made the most difference in your life and why?

Perhaps some of my friends and fellow bloggers would like to oblige and post an entry on their blogs with a trackback to this article? Roger, Erling, Gavin, Arne, Chris, Matthew, Dan, John, Trevor, Dave, others… any takers?

Look forward to seeing what you recommend….



  1. Hi Hugh.

    It will have to be the Radical Church by Bryn Jones.

  2. My top three would would be:

    Bryn Jones – Radical Church
    Oral Roberts – Still Doing the Impossible
    John Stott – The Cross of Christ

  3. And mine is “Joy Unspeakable” by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones!

  4. Gavin Deakin from St Louis, US has also weighed in with a good recommendation from David Wells – see his blog here:

  5. Good timing Hugh – I’ve wanted to blog on Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee for a while. I should probably give it back to you some time soon!!

  6. Hugh, I’ve thought about it and I would have to say “Greater Works,” by Smith Wigglesworth. Fantastic testimonies and wonderful insights on the power of God.

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