Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 9, 2006

Naming the year

This time of year is often ripe with resolutions, goal-setting and plan-making. There is something special about January that encourages many to start to commit to some sort of change. However, as my friend Roger Aubrey mentions on a recent blog entry, he hasn’t ever made a major lifechanging decision on December 31st. Instead he points out that the our lives should always be changing and transforming.

Whatever, we decide, one important thing is to consider our expectations. Even if we choose not to make any specific resolutions, we can still look to God to help us shape our hopes and desires for the coming year. If we truly want to have faith, we need to hear through the Holy Spirit the voice of God that can unlock our expectations.

One simple way suggested to our congregation yesterday was to ‘name the year’ – to identify just one or two words that describe prophetically what you believe God will do in the months ahead. Perhaps already you have some idea what that will be? Maybe for you 2006 will be the ‘year of compassion’ or ‘year of freedom from worry’. If you have been believing God to prosper you, maybe 2006 will be the ‘year of the harvest’ as you continue to give faithfully.

2006 The Year of …..

How does God want to complete that sentence for you?



  1. …the Anointing

  2. 2006 The Year of Trust.

    It’s hard to narrow it down – faith, hope, growth, stepping out, winning souls, renewal + the rest. As for right now, definately the exciting state of trust for all this.

    Great entry Hugh – Can I ask what your ‘2006 The year of…’ is?

  3. What a great way to underpin ‘the rest’ – without trust it would be too easy to get anxious which can rob us of our faith for all that God has promised. For me – I have a whole range of hopes for the coming months. Perhaps ‘2006 Year of Fruitfulness’ is at the top of the list – I really want God’s kingdom to grow and increase through me this year.

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