Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 4, 2006

Further erosion to family life

The end of December saw yet another step taken by the Labour government to erode the godly pattern of family life. A further provision of the Adoption and Children Act came into force which allows unmarried or homosexual couples to jointly adopt a child. Although this change in the law has received less profile than the recent introduction of civil partnerships, it marks yet another departure from the biblical standards of family life.

The direction of legislation over recent years now means that some of the Christian values and principles which have largely been embedded in society can no longer be taken for granted. It seems that if UK law continues on this course, Christian teaching on marriage and family may be considered (at best) discriminatory or even illegal (at worst).

It is absolutely vital that the church maintains its biblical integrity in matters of marriage and family. Whatever society may think or enshrine in law, it remains that marriage can only be the joining of one man and one woman in permanent relationship together. It is within this relationship that God intended children to be conceived, born and brought up.

In an article in the Telegraph, the correspondent Philip Johnston points out somewhat ironically that due to these changes in the law:

… people who are overweight or who smoke, while not automatically disqualified, will have a more difficult time adopting now than a gay or cohabiting couple.

I think we all realise that society must find a way to provide loving and secure homes for children. But in the long term this is only going to be achieved if family life is built on true foundations.



  1. Spot on Hugh! I felt exactly the same way when I heard that this provision had been added to the act. This quiet, piecemeal chipping away or fundamental Christian truths should be of great concern to all Christians and one we should all take a stand against.

    Excellent blog site by the way, my first of I’m sure many visits.


  2. Kev – thanks for visiting and for your encouraging comment. I think the quiet chipping away you refer to is a key concern and seems to be an emerging trend. It does appear that preparatory legislation is put in place before the full effect on society is realised.

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