Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 2, 2006

One-year bible plan

If you are looking for a great New Year resolution, try committing to a Bible reading plan. Whatever route you choose through the Scriptures, a structured plan can really help. Instead of either just turning to favourite passages or not knowing where to begin, this sort of plan ensures you cover the whole of God’s word in a systematic way.

In our church, we have just completed a three-year journey through the Scriptures alternating Old and New Testament books. As well as following an individual reading programme, regular preaching covered some of the main books, themes or characters. A printed introduction to many of the Bible books was also provided as Keynote Guides.

However, for 2006 we have suggested following a one-year scheme using the plan available from the website. The readings can be viewed online in a huge selection of translations including the NIV and NLT. However, if you prefer to read from your own bible, a printed version is also available here.

My friend Trevor Lloyd has also launched a new blog website called which also promises to be a real help to anyone wanting to read systematically through Scripture. It has some great features including details of the reading plan, the passages themselves as well as support articles that provide some thematic background and information. However, one the best features is that you can subscribe to some or all of the content using a standard newsreader. See his page here for information.

Whatever else you decide to do in the coming year, take regular time to enjoy God’s word.


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